Delivery acceptance instructions

  1. At the point of acceptance, a representative of the ordering party performs the quantitative and qualitative acceptance of each delivered batch.
  2. In the event of any quantitative discrepancies between the delivery document and the delivered batch, or if the goods are damaged in transport, the client is obligated to write down his reservations in the transport documents and draw up a damage report in the presence of the carrier.
  3. In the event that defects of goods are found immediately after unpacking, the client should draw up a written complaint forthwith (within 7 days at the latest) and secure the goods for UNITEK.
  4. The complaint should be accompanied by documentation confirming the fact of occurrence and the scope of damage, including photographs with the date and time.

Warehousing instructions

  1. It is recommended to ensure stable humidity and temperature conditions for the entire period of warehousing. Failure to observe this principle may lead to the uncontrolled deformation of panels.
  2. The panels cannot be allowed to get damp; contact with heated surfaces should also be avoided (e.g. heaters).
  3. Rattan panels with an MDF core may be stored in a vertical position, but should be securely supported along their entire length in warehouse racks.
  4. It is recommended to store bamboo and artificial leather panels, as well as rattan panels with a cellular panel core, horizontally and under load.

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