Manufacturer of
rattan, loom, bamboo boards



We manufacture furniture panels with an MDF, HDF or cellular panel core, covered with a layer of natural rattan plait (the exotic Calamus Rotang palm from tropical forests of Asia). We offer a wide colouring, from natural colour of rattan through monochromatic whites, browns or grey up to more vivid colours: raspberry or shade of mint. The underside is covered with wood-like furniture films.


A bamboo (highest grass(!) grows up 40 m high) is also a natural material used inside houses. The bamboo strips (panels) are an outer layer of multi-layered panels with an MDF, HDF or cellular panel core. The exotic wood stimulates the imagination and it is at the same lightweight, tough and durable. Both panels made of the same bamboo strips and panels consisting of weave bamboo strips with a string and grasses are interesting.


We manufacture also the panels with loom. Loom – it is a name of product woven on special looms by American inventor Marshall Burns Lloyd's technology. The loom mats are an outer layer of the furniture panels with an MDF or cellular panel core. Such furniture panels have interesting colouring, strength and durability.


UNITEK has also 20 interesting designs with artificial leather, witch is appreciated by modern design. The basis of the product is cellular panel, known also as “honeycomb”, combined with an HDF panel, covered with artificial leather. Such panel is light, stable and durable.


We manufacture also untypical panels covered with a natural wood material (wooden veneers and facing boards). They are veneers with a so-called “knife error”, witch makes it possible to emphasise the features and texture of natural wood.


We offer includes five kinds of veneers, each in a version with horizontal or slanting hollows, namely: standard oak, knotty oak, beech, maple, American walnut, smoked oak and sapele.


In our offer are also bamboo veneers in four tones of colour. Our typical veneer is 3D board, witch receives a unique structure in our factory.